Thursday, March 16, 2006

Double Ding Damage and PVP troubles

Well last night was nice in all it's glory. There was some Double ding damage and I loved every minute of it. While there was some more exploiter troubles it was still fun to see me and the guild ding off Player kills.

That right the pic above is of my 100th kill and it dinged me 28, the reason I waited so long on leveling came to pass once this monk decided to go toe to toe with a Pirate. Now not to say monks are easy to take down because, well lets be honest if you can't hit the monk they will eventually win. Sadly this monk wasn't very dogei and had it coming, when you penetrate my city I'll make sure your sent home in a bag.

The action that happened has sort of died down around the sprawl on most nights; not last night. There were 3 Goodies and I guess they thought it would be fun to come in and cause a ruckus to our little ones. There was 2 monks and a unknown Scout that ran quickly, one of the first monks decided to zone. He was in bear form regening it up but decided to run back to CL quickly. Kyoki quickly decided she was gonna pick a fight with me of all people. I wasn't gonna fight them because I don't like wasting my time at PVP when I'm next to a zone. I know they are just going to run though, she didn't run right away(I was there to make sure she did). I got her down in the red while the newbs helped out but sadly she decided to run. Not to much later the Bear form monk decided he would come back and jump me while he was still an Illegal target. He was beat down till he zoned, and Kyoki decided to come back and fool around with danger. Soon after I knocked her away from the zone, stunned her a few times and ended up as luck would have it a dead Monk. I have to give thanks to Kyoki because I did get a level up and my 100th kill from her so... Thanks, lol. Shortly after the Bear form monk came in fooled with me I daggered him and got em to about 60% and a Nuker ran up "BOOM!" Dead monk.

During this time there were two others I was fighting and it out right. One was 30 and other was even to me at 28. Well the first one was another monk I was taking down pretty good and as soon as reinforcements arrived he de-popped. Not a de-pop as in invise and run or evac, just strait up exploited gone *POOF*. I know at this point I wasn't lagging either because all my close range CA were going off w/o any lag time (it's been picky lately). No more then 5 min later a 28 wizard was in terrorizing greens, I ran up on him and hit him with my big whammies. His HP didn't go anywhere so I looked to see if he was grped or any healer was around. There wasn't even an NPC to be seen. I continue to take him down.. rather try to hit him and nothing was doing. He ran up a little bit and evaced, I was unable to stun or interrupt him so I looked at my combat, figuring I was just missing on him a lot. Sure enough I was hitting him like anyone else, 300 here 200 there a few 8's and 9's but my CA's were hitting him just fine his HP's just were not budging. I even seen where I interrupted his evac but if that is so then how did he get it off (recast didn't register)? These exploiters piss me off to no end and I hope that this starts to wade to the side lines or I'm gonna get really pissed. I don't use exploits to get the upper hand, I try to be as honorable a kill as I am a Killer and God moder's don't need to be on EQ2. That's why they have Halo and Quake, you need an upper hand then go to those games because as far as I'm concerned you have no place in Norath.

Another well known problem is mentoring, now I seen they sorta "fixed" it by making you zone or camp but seriously is this just the quick fix? I hope so because in all reality that's not gonna fix jack. Takes 10 seconds out of my life to mentor and do a /camp (name here) to be back in the game. I also notice most of my fights are near a damn zone anyhow (not by choice) so if a level 40 mentors down and starts killing me and wins I rez and by the time I get back he will more then likely be 40 again. Also as some may have seen there are some that are having a high level kill a guard get city pvp and have a low level gain city pvp. They will run in groups having low levels start the fight get the other person in city pvp and the high level will wail them quicker then you can say Wuuah?

City pvp is in essence a great Idea it throws a nice dynamic into it but there should be a line drawn somewhere. As in once you get outside the city a certain range city pvp is gone or make the eq1 reference of doing over 50% of the damage in PVP to get the kill. Like wise for NPC's that help kill you, some will tag you then you run after them if your unwise you'll run into NPC troubles and the NPC's will do all the Pker's work for him.. and they still get the kill. Or make it dishonorable for city pvp kills if your outside of the city and outside of the normal range of killing as in they get negative points with the ability to lose their titles. This is by no means a logistical or keen tactic it's just another form of God mode which gives little to no form of retaliation.

Yeah, I am~ in a way in favor of pvp at all levels a level 70 killing a level 20 but in all seriousness there needs to be a fix if the city pvp stays the way it is; with aknowlegement there is no xp, status or loot loss. Not everyone likes full range pvp and I personally think it was a huge problem on Sullen zek. Though when I chose that server I knew of it's lack of rules so we excepted whatever forms of PKing that came with it. Sadly the way EQ2 pvp is set up death is a lot more of a loss if you ask me. Xp, coin drops more frequently, and Items to boot not to mention status loss. Why? all because the higher level assisted the lower level kill. Oh well I can deal with this but not so much the exploiters, personally I wished they would open up a separate websight on SOE of those they ban and for what exploit. That would deter some idiots from even attempting to become God on a rather fun PVP server. Ok, anyhow it's still great and I love how it's shaping up even with a few bad apples, hope to see you on Nagafen soon.


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