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Personal Responsibility

In the growing market of video games and Government control I'm starting to see a disturbing trend. I read the news and see judges rule that it's ok for a man to hit a woman so long as you think she was being racist.(They were on two separate cars) There was a case not to long ago about some children that fell from a roof onto some scaffolding in a "No trespass" condemned and locked down sight; now the parents are suing the owner of the property. Don't forget about the famous McDonald's hot coffee suite either. It seems we are a sue happy culture, we want something for nothing and will hurt who ever to get it. It's as everyone forgot about personal responsibility in the last 20 years.

I've seen trouble in the video game market lately but, I've not heard of any real law suits. Sadly, where we are going as a video game culture seems to be a negative one from a society standpoint. Grand theft auto was on the chopping block by legal hacks over it's violent content. It's self governed censorship of the playable age group "A" has been ignored by parents and yet there were Huge complaints. Lest we forget the Chinese kid who died from a heart attack playing an MMO 24/7 or the Teen that shot himself over in game issues on EQ1. Is it the video games fault or better yet those that made the video game? These kids neglected self responsibility and created issues bad enough that they both died. All I say is " Where were the parents?" The Chinese government placed time limits on MMO's due to the death of people playing these game over extensive periods of time.(So they say) What I fear is our government stepping in as the parent here too, last I checked the people in D.C. didn't give me birth. Yet, it seems a lot of new laws are coming into place that seem to be what I call "we are your parent law's". What next, do I have to call the White house to see if I can stay up past my bed time?

If you caught Boston Legal last night there was a similar case where a young kid had a Heart attack and died while playing "Hell Born" for 2 days strait. During the course of the court debate there were many negative references made by the defense that just seemed rather naive. One statment pissed me off, they equated drugs to video games and the opposing side made a great statement in kind. "I know people on crystal meth that would gladly give up their addiction to play a video game." The best thing about that is I do too and it just hit home. It's not enough we seem to want to criminalize everything here in America lately we are starting to compare harmless activity's to other things that demoralize our nation as a whole.

Drugs are nothing like a video game. Though it seems when all you do is play with big money and drive around with big toys who has time to go down to crack row and buy Oblivian?

Lets live in a what if here~ Lets say the politicians like Hiliary Clinton gets her way and they can all out ban video games (or constrict them) then what? It's not enough that our country has a hard enough time having things to do for the younger gen but they seem to want to ban most forms of entertainment... So everything is illegal for a teen to do then it will be a wonder if our society doesn't start to de-generate. Kids are resourceful, they will find drugs, and/or they will go to the local store to by a can of spray paint (graffiti), and/or they will go get a girl knocked up, or they will just go to the local "VUID shop" Videogames Under illegal Duplication. What then? Do we start to overflow our jails with this harmless clutter? God forbid they are an illegal alien playing video games that will be like prison for life.

My point is people need to learn Personal responsibility.


Blogger Mr.X said...

That point about crystal meth is spot on. I'm stealing that quote.

The trick with video games is, they may lead to other things which are better too, such as........ work in the technology industry, general computer competence, etc. So please cripple your future workforce by telling them the Computers Are Bad.

BTW - I'm back if you want to link me up -

1:33 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

ahh right on nice to have you back

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick note: The McDonalds hot-coffee suit that you referred to, as it happens, was NOT frivolous in any way, shape, or form. I don't feel like typing the whole thing out here when a quick google will get you the facts, but the quick and dirty of it is this: that *particular* McDonalds restaurant chose to keep their coffee MUCH hotter than normal (or legal), in order to keep it "fresh" longer... so that they would not have to throw it out as often, and make new pots. The lady that had the coffee fall on her suffered much more serious burns than should have happened due to this, and only initially wanted her medical bills paid, which the store manager refused to do: thus, the infamous, yet widely misunderstood lawsuit.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Lets say the politicians like Hiliary Clinton gets her way and they can all out ban video games..."

Wow. Just wow. If you think the legislature would get away with this without judicial oversight, then you need to re-learn "checks and balances."

Besides which, Hillary Clinton has never has any intention of banning or censoring games. She has said, repeatedly, that she wants legislation that will place a fine on retailers who knowingly sell games rated "Mature" or "Adults Only" to a minor. That's it. I'm a full-time gamer, and yet even I can see the sense in that.

You have some good points, but your random meandering and extremist stance on points (like this over-the-top exaggeration of the Senator's proposed bill) prevents your writing from being great. And simultaneously shuts out anyone who might disagree, but could be persuaded to see your point of view.

I agree with your point of personal responsibility, but after reading your gross misrepresentation of the facts, I found myself wanting to disagree with you out of spite.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Hak said...

I whole-heartedly agree with you on this. I'm an ex military police officer a parent of 2 boys (1 a teenager). I know from experience if kids don't have something to do to keep them off the street and parents that actually care what their kids do then those same kids will find trouble.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

In responce to the McD's law suit~ your correct in that the lady was owed by the corp for good reason. I used it because it was well known and got my point across. (even if not in correct context)

As far as knowing "checks and balances" in American politics. I do know these and know them well. The process that is "Used" is like the tooth fairy. It's what we tell our kids so they feel better going thru the whole process of losing the tooth. They feel that what they are going thru is worth it.

Since School we were taught by our teachers or School house rock, that there are checks and balances.

Both are fake made up entitys that are used so that we feel better about what we are doing.(there is meaning) If we think it has these things then we can sleep good at night.

The way Government really works-- "I'm bigger then you and higher on the food chain, do what I say or lose your _________." Or; if you don't Scratch my Back your state will lose ________$ or _______jobs.

Though your correct she wants to legislate that game's are regulated. (notice it was a what if)
You know what I say to that. If your a parent it's your problem not the Governments. (maybe the local city/state) I'm sorry I don't need someone to hold my familys hand every step of my life. Maybe you think we should waste tax dollars on frivolous things like Video games. I think feeding the homeless should be a higher priorty then that and that's just a start.

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