Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finding the solution

Since my fiasco with my 5200Ultra a friend of mine gave me his 6200 PNY Geforce. I have been able to get it up and operating but trying to find a way to get the best performance out of it is like finding a needle in a haystack on the WWW of info.

I'm trying to use rivatuner or coolbits to Overclock and unlock the pipelines (if possible on this 6200) to get the best performance out of EQ2. Sadly that seems to of done little if nothing at all. I've noticed nothing in performance to the naked eye from my 5200ultra to the 6200 I have now. I know I could run programs to check FPS or 3D marks but this has no effect on how the real world exisists therefore Naked eye is all that matters. This is kinda bothersome but I suppose what I read a while back when Moorguard said that EQ2 is more Processor intensive was correct.

I figure to myself it's time to push my AMD 2600 to something of the range of a 2800, if I'm lucky. Though unlike my older AMD's it seems to be sort of impossible to find any real tangible or easy solutions. My bios does some overclocking but none of it's stable enough to boot up to window's much less play EQ2.

If anyone has any neat websights or some good info for the Geforce 6200, as in a good way to O/C other then just software please by all means share the link/info. As well as how to unlock and push the AMD 2600XP (not 64). I would write more info on my comptuer but it's not near me at the present. Until then keep up the good fight of being uber in Norath.


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