Friday, March 17, 2006

Issues of the real

Some things in the real world just aren't better. We judge with out knowing a person whether it is about their appearance, race or sex preference. Sometimes we do it with out knowing our subconscious is a powerful thing. We could be act out because we were raised to think a certain way or a bad experience with a certain type or person and even our religious practice's. These things are what weaken us as human kind and it shows; even today. Iraq is having a civil war over their belief's but I'll stop there becuase that's a huge debate. Milosivich, Hitler and countless other Tyrants slaughter many a thousand Humans just because they believed so patiently that they were right. All for what? What purpose has it ever served that the white hoods or skin heads hated our black brethren? It has and will never do the world any good to hate, hate only breads what I call true Evil and it starts the beginning of the clash of wills. You kill my friend or brother I'll kill yours, then I'll attach a stigma to it so it's ok. "God said it was so therefore I get to suicide bomb you" It makes us feel better when we can use a crutch like that. Not to say God is a crutch but the fact that people use Him or some other form so that they can do what they want with out dealing with their conscience. I believe God is love; no form of hate would be accepted by him not even if I believe God dislikes what a (person,race, sect) is doing. I have a hard time believing He would condone any act of evil.

Alright, I'm kinda getting off. I just wanted to express what I feel doesn't really play to much a part in our MMO world. When you ask for a healer to join your group have you ever once heard of the Race, Creed, Religion, sect inquisition? No, You want a good healer, you might want a healer that you've grouped before but your only care is that they are a good healer. PVP excluded, you want one that you can actually group with. However, I have a strong feeling that if we were able to group with Qeynosians (on Nagafen) we would. It happened on RZ and TZ, people started blurring the lines of faction war when they started grouping and guilding others from different lands.

In all reality we as a MMO society don't care if someone is a Troll and the other is a Elf. I know there are those that Roleplay, I can't really get a grasp on that because I just don't RP at all. I've ran into a group where the Iksar I was with really didn't like woodelfs but he still stayed in our group and he was still cordial in tells (I was the woodelf). He would spout off things like "Only a weak grooop... would rely on a Ssstupid woood elf" but that was just him in character, and he would mainly only say things to be funny.

What I love about being on MMO's is that I don't feel like I wont get a group because I'm a Red head white male. I'm sure there are those that don't like the Asian's because some feel all of them are only botter/farmers but that will never be an accurate assessment. We might have those that feel a bit of strain if a person in our group speaks very little english but even still. I've not heard of a group kicking someone out because they were Asian, Australian, hell even French-Canadian. Look, it might happen all I'm saying is it seem it's less prevalent in the virtual worlds. So little in fact I've never actually seen it.

Trust me I know I'm not really covering this whole subject in detail but I do know for sure somethings happen. I know that female toons get hit on and tend to get things handed to them, I know that there was (is?) a Gay guild in WOW that was not allowed to strut their stuff. To be truthfully honest some things should be left at the door when entering a MMO. I don't care about how old you are, or your sexual preference, what color your skin is or what religion you practice. Like many I only care that you can keep hate if your MT, Heal if your the MH, and DPS and not take hate if your the DPS although, I truly only care if your fun to group with. These are the only true rules that matter in the MMO's I play. In the real world I still don't care about any of those things as long as you live and let live, if I have a dislike for someone it's the person and not their label.

I just feel that I wouldn't trade up the Uber loot fights, contested raids vs other guild, or the occational who took what, when out of guild bank and, why vs. Gassing a million Irish on St. Patty's day just because we like potatoes. There are a lot of things I think MMO's can improve on play wise but certain things just shouldn't exist. Thus far, even though these game's are global they seem to have alot less discrimination then the real global community all that thanks to gamer mentality. (Take that to the bank Hiliray Clinton)


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