Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have in the past done nothing but harp about EQII, mainly because it wasn't fun or had some improvements that just needed to be made. I like to come up with suggestions and make things better for me, really because I'm selfish. Not selfish in the ways of, I think everyone else don't count but mainly because I want EQII to be a challenge.

Since the expantion and PVP I've noticed the challenge get much more well.... Challenging. I think it's because PVP is more heart pumping and thought provoking. A place where you need to have strategy that changes with every fight. Nothing seems to be the same even when you fight the same classes, some are just better at their class or luck was on their side. Sadly I think I will have troubles in PVP for a while because my video card fan went out and with lack of funds it will be hard to compete until I upgrade. I ended up rigging an old processor fan to the heat sink but I just noticed that instead of freezing the computer it just lags me out. Yeah Tradeskill and PVE fun for me until I gets me some cash. However, that's not the point of my post today.

I would like to say since my fan went out I finally went around and checked out my other characters achievement abilities. This part is worth every penny of the expantion and as far back as I remember I've always wanted to actually control my pets. Now I can, I love every bit of it and every 3 minutes I can take control over my pet for 30 seconds. Not only that I can do emotes and speak as my pet this just adds to the flavor. Yes now here comes the improvements or suggestions that I always have. First and foremost 30seconds is a blink, there should of been a AAXP that adds to the time I could be my pet. Maybe there is and I just overlooked it but as far as I can tell there really isn't. Second the Combat abilities and spells need different Icon looks for all three of my pets their Icons maybe shaded green or red but they are all fist icons. It's confusing enough and I really have no clue as to what button I'm hitting.

I find at this point it no more a bonus then if I just sat back and let the computer control him. Button mashing really is only so much fun so it would help if they were separated by some sort of icon difference. An added bonus would be that when I control my pet he has 1 or 2 different abilities he wouldn't normally be able to use unless under my command. Like a stun for the scout pet, it's nice he gets a lot of abilities that do neat damage but it would be cool if I could act like a scout for that brief period or time, or a root on my wizard pet so I can sit back and be crazy nuking, and for the Tank some sort of group buff like haste or defensive stuff. Hey I can dream can't I? I know it's a neat enough ability and in some ways the single most best AAXP in the game.

Take my Brigand's Root Achievement for example, it is stealing coin from humanoid mobs. Now from a RP standpoint this rocks, and in a lot of fights that I'm not somehow MT, I can steel extra copper. Notice I said copper, even from some level 25 Epic X3 mobs only dropped 21 copper. Most I've taken was 81 copper form a 27 solo mob but this ability has a huge drawl back. If you get caught by a mob that can kick your ass like a level 60 solo mob, your dead in one hit. It will cost more in repairs then what you could steal in the first place. I know it's probably going to go up by % of cash in the silver later and maybe late in the game by Gold but I'm unsure. I think this ability should have a higher probability to thief cash from the opposing team on PVP servers as well. I've yet to steal from a single character in the game and I've hit the ability well over 40 times on Qeynosians. These are people that shortly after I kill them drop cash loots so I know they have it on them. Seriously though these little things in the game still matter very little. I love the AAXP and hope to build my character to spec the way I want him and still have fun.

On my last note of the day is I'm now a destroyer, 135 Kills and 35 deaths with 2 HQ's under my belt. I also made 30 Brigand and we made Guild level 5 just so the BT187 troop can finally know who's owning them.. muhahaha.


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