Monday, March 27, 2006

Nagafen and our war

Well it was a great weekend, we had our first war between Aggro and Brownies and it was great. It had to been the single most fun night I've had on EQ2 ever. There was a great turnout and a few from United alliance came to take pictures and join in on the fun. Even with a few glitches in the battle area it was an overall great event. It was funny to see those that didn't join in on Teamspeak make a few mistakes but it was funny nonetheless.

Case in point here.. Kronkar wasn't on Team Speak ~ he though the battle began and ran in to solo the raid of Brownies.. Needless to say he didn't get to far, great picture though.

Here is a picture of the middle weights duke'n it out, all the 20's to 29's battled to the death lucky we actually won that battle. Brownies won the first 2 battles and a solo battle of me vs Fohox as seen in the top photo, Leko also won over on Aggro. However in the other event's I won Rot in a rouge duel and we were able to take em on the 20's battle and the final war. All I can say is Awesome job everyone.

If you would like to see more you can go here and here it musta been weird for those coming up on us to see two warring factions just hanging out together. It was surreal to me so I know it was fishy to them.


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