Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I have in the past kinda degraded my Guardian and I guess it was in a way w/o cause. I've recently been playing my Guardian and have noticed they are a lot better now then they were in the past. Yeah I'm not taking full Group mobs solo that were blue to me but I can still hold my own in a decent group. Guardians have abilities that I think rival other fighters and they really do still do have some decent tanking power. Some of the AAXP takes a lot to be desired but overall seem to be an ok setup however, I've yet to really find out what I want to know about the STA line.

First thing I've noticed in all the groups I've joined or Fighters I've inspected with in my level range seem to have a lot less HP and lower mitigation. The avoidance was give and take but overall my melee stats seemed to be better by default. I do know that from the previous posts I said they are HP buffers and they are. However, they have a few other things I know they bring to the group. Best thing of all is their out of group AOE taunt, this has helped me control a lot of adds which otherwise would of been a fiasco with the Monk I've played. There are also 2 buffs that give a short duration Mitigation and Stat boost, these usually last during per fight -depending on the length or difficulty in each encounter. I know other fighter have decent buffs and DPS augmentation that are better then Guardians but it seems to me they have the best aggro control.

As for the AAXP I've only really looked at the STR and the STA line but have only focused on the STA line because for me more HP means I live longer. Sadly it looks as if we need a buckler for the actual abilities to be used though I'm not 100% sure on this. Needless to say I'm disappointed with that aspect. I see that the next live update will allow for 2 second change outs but even that might deter me from going STA line. Hell, even my scouts STA line uses the roundshield.

All I can say is that I fell in love with my Guardian once again and when I'm not on PVP I'll be tanking my way to the mobs we all know and love. I just hope that they keep giving the Guardian lines more abilities to actually Guard, I didn't go Fighter(warrior)Guardian to be DPS. Which tends to be the attitude with most people that become plate classes. Be proud to be a Guardian/tank in groups and know your place it's never really behind the mobs.


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