Monday, April 03, 2006

Bad Fix: Mentoring

Mentoring on PVP lately, if you didn't know has been removed except for in instances. This removal has placed a hold on my fast leveling because I just level faster then most of my friends. It's not a huge problem they disabled it from PVP, quite the contrary. Mentoring was being exploited as with anything on PVP, if they can do it they will. I've noted that some of the biggest troubles with mentoring when it was enabled. There was the stalk a grey Mentor-kill-Unmentor and the Mentor-startfight-disband group; so in essence they had to fight a high level character at his/her peak.

These little troubles cased some undo grieving but I'm not here to whine about that, grieving happens because well it's PVP. First I'm glad they took it out, it helped stop the troubles with mentoring and SOE has somebody looking into it. It's not that big a deal it's not in but it does make it a bit of a pain to group with your Guildies and friends that just don't level fast. They usually have a good fix in there somewhere that's good for both sides right? However, the news of the fix came out here recently and it's not good at all.

1) When initiating mentoring, the mentor must remain stationary for 60 seconds. During this time period, (Mentoring 60...59...58...) will appear next to their name in the same fashion as the camping message. Any movement, spell casting, aggrogro will cancel this process. (Mentoring can be initiated in any zone)
2) While mentoring, the mentor cannot engage any PvP targets or cast any beneficial spells on any members of the group who are hated by another player. However, mentors can be attacked by anyone who could normally attack their group, but are not able to retaliate. Essentially, once you choose to mentor, you remove any option of fighting other players until mentoring has ended.
3) The effects of mentoring will only cancel for the mentor after they zone or camp. In addition, if the mentor finds themselves thrown out of the group, or the mentored target goes LD, they will gain zero experience until they zone or camp to cancel mentoring.

I guess it's not all bad, the first one is good in the fact it doesnallowlow those of us to run behind a lower level player-mentor-kill which was happenia lotlot. The third odoesn'tsnt matter one way or the other for me.don'tont mentor fXP xp anyhow so the Camp or zone thing bothers me very little. The kicker here is in the second note - The mentcan'tont ENGAGE or cast any BENEFICIAL spells during any PVP battles.

Ok So what does that mean exactly, well if you read it within the context given it basically says your a sitting duck. It means that anytime the opposing faction is around you have to unmentor and do a /camp (self name here) that is to say you know what's going on. Sadly, more often then not it means your gonna die if you mentor. Most the battles you would have mentored for would be in XP groups not PVP, so this means you will be the hunted. Being the Hunted, if you don't know has a huge disadvantage already so it basically means mentoring is still out on PVP unless in an instance or have a death wish.

I'm not sure why they just don't leave this out of the PVP servers as it is. don'tont need the mechanic in the game if it wont be utilized and under this ruling it just wont. In a way it's a slap in the face in another they can say well at least it's in. What I say is make it so thoability'stys we aren't suppose to use at lower levels black out. Make it so that when I mentor I'm the level of the mentor on a somewhat even basis. I say fix the calculations of mentoring or just donallowlow it. I would much rather have no mentoring then the proposed fix at this point.


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