Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Humor: You know the signs

Here we are again another friday and no Aggro around to make us laugh. Well as I sit here and am being forced by Aggro's Elite Ninja Death Squad or "A-ENDS" they say I'm to make you all laugh. I'll do my best to fill in on Friday humor or I guess I'm gonna get shived.

You know you play too much EQ2 when...

You try to pull quest items out of Office papers exclaiming "Ooo shiny!".

You've stopped going to the store; you need skill up's harvesting your yard.

You're confused as to why nothing you post on your home bulletin board seems to sell.

You have constructed a second story loft out of tables.

You go to the local dealership and ask to test out a flying carpet.

You've started regarding political parties in terms of Qeynos and Freeport.

The only way you feel satisfied about doing anything is writing it in your notebook as if it were a quest journal.

You buy new cloths and get all excited about the pending stat boost.

You consider every moment of every day a heroic opportunity.

You try to autoattack your neighbor.

You buy your wife sexy armor and say it was at a cheap price.

You start talking in slashes - /say /ooc /tell.

You try to make a "you know you play to much" list.

You tell your wife you forgot about Valentines day because a Guild Member wanted to farm. How else you gonna pay for that sexy armor?

You glance at the top center of your car's windshield for the compass.

You see a rock on the side of the road and have an uncontrollable urge to harvest it.

Your family asks when dinner is and you reply "Just one more combine!"

You wonder why that spoon isn't stirring the pot itself.

You get your Wife a Real rare imbued Shield for her birthday! She'll forget all about Valentines.

You start collecting everything in real life, in hopes you can turn it all in for something neat.

You ask a very revealing female at a bar what level her guild was to buy that dress.

You jump off of everything hoping you'll finally get another safe fall skillup.

You start to visit every construction site nearby and yell "GM event!"

You roam around the halls of work clicking on any visitor in hopes you get a neat quest.

You ask yourself which has better stats to drink; work coffee or home brewed?

You hear a phone ring and say "Grats!"

You duck and squadle around areas you shouldn't be; believing your invisible.

You go to a dentist appointment and kindly ask the doc; What is your skill level are you maxed?

Your at Sears and ask the sales man if the stove you wish to purchase can do tier 7 foods?

You get home from work on payday and are glad you didn't get player killed.

Well I hope you enjoyed this Friday Humor and even if you get a little chuckle I did my job. Yes, some of these were modified from various places and others were my own. Hope you all have a great weekend.


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