Tuesday, April 11, 2006

EQ2 Carpenter

I have tried many tradeskills in my EQ2 career such as provisioner which was ok but I'm not big on making food and drink. Sage, which was easy to level to 40 but extremely boring; there was little to no effort being done to make spells and not very fun making what I felt was the same item even in essence it's not. Armor, was fun for for a bit but the closer I got to 60 the more I disliked the way it felt. Maybe it was more of a market thing because even with attuned gear it seems like there is some jack who will sell his armor for less then the NPC will pay for it. Which in turn screws us over who are tring to recoup the cash put into the tradeskill itself. Carpenter, well that's what this post is mainly about short sweet and to the point. (maybe not)

I love this tradeskill, not everything you do is grandiose but overall feel is good. I knew as a carpenter I could finally get all the stuff for my room that I've never really done. Except for when I get quest items or the old world NPC bought stuff before it was taken down. I wanted to really become a carpenter because to me it's just easier to make boxes all day long. Everyone always needs them and they sell like hot cakes usually not for much cash but enough at this point. I've been able to barter a lot of boxes for strait gear as well. Food, poisons, armor, even a imbued shield or two all these have been strait trades for my boxes. This was great to me, I love bartering more then money trades. Now I'm sure I could do this for other items I've made when I was an armor or provisioner but, I never tried it's just something new I tried on the PVP system and so far it's worked well. The main reason I love this tradeskill is because it feel that even when I'm making sub-combines I feel like I'm going to make a neat new item. Neat and New to me because I never paid attention to housing stuff, unless on the rare occastion I went to someone's room to purchase an item.

Things I feel that are going to make being a Carpenter better (I hope). As I stated yesterday I am assuming that there will be items placed in for carpenters to make for the new consignment system. I do hope this will happen since we are the house makers but I wont really hold my breath so I'm not to disappointed if it's just NPC purchased crap. Even if they have a few NPC purchased items which is ok for the newb the good items should be made by a Carpenter and the best dropped by Ubermob_01. This may not garner a lot of cash when servers start to settle down and own enough containers but will still be good cash even after the boom. We don't have to hope to god someone's gonna feel like having a Erudin Globe for their room so we make a few and it takes 4 weeks to sell a few we will know someone needs to buy these. To most, Inn rooms are useless but, with the new consignment system it looks as if people will be required to traffic others rooms, this is great. It also means more people will be encouraged to buy nice stuff for their houses to maybe (attract customers) to come back. I

Something I wish for~ This is my A #1 wish for carpenters in the world of EQ2. That any item rare or otherwise placed in the room has a chance to improve the actual charter stats or world. Notice before I said any; what I don't mean is all items, let me get more specific.

Example 1: You purchase an Imbued Maple dresser, say your stats with heat maybe lowered but your cold stats gets a boost. These stats can be identified by inspecting the item and make some of them even lore for the room. If people share the room only the person who owns the room gains stats from the items placed in the room by the room owner only(not the others). If any extra items placed in the room by a second party are just for decoration. I'm not asking that every item have a stat, I would actually ask that only imbued or rare items have stat bonus to them. If they can make it so they don't stack or are lore in some cases this would go over well, so there isn't a problem. Such as someone buying up tons of SV (whatever) to get a massive advantage with more then just gear. Maybe even some stuff in the house can give passive abilities that are even Fabled items for the house. Such as you get a fishbowl for killing some epic mob that you can place in your room that allows you to have enduring breath as a static buff.

Example 2: World change~ this would be a bit more difficult but in some ways it'd be neat if there was a charisma type item placed in your house so NPC sell for less cash and maybe even status points. This don't necessarily mean from every NPC but may a certain faction here for there will get a boost. This one has a few possibilities that I could expand on for days.. (short and sweet remember)

I know this isn't such a new idea and it might have even been brought up a time or two on the EQ2 forums. I don't read them much but I figured after seeing this in Final fantasy online it would be something neat to have in EQ2. Either way I actually like Carpentry and I think I'll stick it out for some time to come. Here's hoping that the Tradeskills update is a good one to us all**


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