Friday, April 14, 2006

Brell Rocks

I got my wish. Something I found missing in the game since day one has finally been implemented. Early on in EQ2 devlopment I was excited that what I feelt as a key aspect was gonna be there. I couldn't wait to see what being drunk is like in EQ2, sadly we know it was never implemented until yesterday. Notice the time stamp for this quote, 2003.

Fri Aug 22, 2003 10:53 pm
Moorgard wrote:
Okay, I blame Hannar for this... Some of the team just spotted this thread and ran over to ask me if I'd seen the drunk effect yet. I said no. So they showed it to me. I'm not exactly sure which designers came up with this, but they obviously know their booze. The drunk effect is literally nauseating. Everything gets all blurry and moves in and out of focus. Not like it did in EQ; like it does when you're really, really wasted and the barstool suddenly feels like it's made of jello. Maybe they consulted Anyuzer after his birthday--I dunno. But however they did it, the drunk effect is quite... unsettling. But somehow, I think you guys are gonna like it.

All I have to say is this is the coolest World Event quest I've done. It's short sweet and to the point. I'll give a brief Quest overview so if you don't want any spoilers read no further.

There is two portal's in which you may zone into. One from Antonica outside North Qeynos gate and the other Commonlands outside West Freeport Gates. It's rather weird they choose it to look like a portal but it's a Bar portal nonetheless.

You gain a Quest inside this bar, it's an actual zone you share one both sides of the world. (which makes for great PVP bar fights) Once you get the quest from the Dwarf at the bar you may start around the world venturing for a few things.
Upstairs is a personal bar instance set up where you need to get Jimmy drunk for beer ingredients. This can be a little time consuming and he will attack you if you get him to drunk. After this you get to travel, I went to Thundering steppes where you need to snatch barely in TS village. First you need to distract the owner by Cow tipping Betsy (this didn't seem to want to work for a bit) after run in and yoink it. Now it's time to collect pure water, this is an actual harvest. They are all right under the 4 docks to each of the zones required; Antonica, Commonlands, Thundering Steppes, and Nektulose Forest. Once your done here you can go back to the bar where you give the ingredients to the Dwarf where he in turn tells you to recite a prayer.

You will be ported to an instance that is exactly like the one in which Varsoon resides. Here you will find a few Dwarfs working away and a Ghost that asks you to figure out the trial. This is where you can actully die if you choose unwisely; I did. If you wish to solve it yourself read no further. You pick up the Stein to the right of the Ceramic mug, you will then be ported back to the bar.(highlight) Turn in the quest for a nice all you can drink keg for your house. Cheers mate*

On Nagafen I would suggest getting drunk in the bar and fighting those that come in there, it's a fun way to say Happy Brew Day. All in all I think this is one of the best times doing a Live event; and the reward is exactly what I've wanted.


Blogger Mr.X said...

You know you play too much EQ2 when...........

You leave the bar completely wasted and expect to sober up after you zone out to the parking lot.

I'm so stoked they finally put drunkenness in.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Teh Chunt said...

Great write up, Q! Tried to do the quest right before I left for Easter, but couldn't figure out where the water spawns were, and didn't have enough time to finish it. Can't wait to log in tonight and get very drunk. Good stuff, Quylein.

9:23 PM  

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