Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Earth is about change

The past few days I've been debating about how I'll continue this Blog. I've enjoyed my time here because it's used as a way of expressing myself. Even if I had no readers it's the kind of freedom you rarely get. To express oneself without interjecting or rude counters to your very own opinions, it is in a way very relaxing and therapeutic. I have the power to delete bad comments which makes it even better.(though I never had to)I started this blog because I found it as a way to circumvent cheesy forums such as EQII and the traditional SOE forums. Just saying what's on my mind with out to much banter about whether I'm right or wrong. People bring out spread sheet to show me the error of my ways, it's just not something I care to deal with. I'm also in Debt to Aggro me because if it wasn't for reading his blog I wouldn't had started this one to relax with and pass the time. So thanks Aggro.

Reflection of one's accomplishments are through various ways; mine are usually self induced. I have very little need for others around me to praise me or tell me how great I am(though at times it's nice) I don't live on praise. I live for change, change to the world around me either EQ2 or the World outside. Change for the most part keeps me going, I love it, I need it and, unlike most people I hold my arms open to it. I usually use any catalyst for change if I have the means to. Some may live for the world to serve them, as if someone owes them something they have never earned. Though, you may have noticed I like life a little bit more spicy then those who wish it easy. That is why most of my posts about EQ2 are to make it more difficult in one way or another. (but usually better) I think in some ways I've touched a few people through my blog, if it was only to make you think or laugh then I did my job. So for all those out there that have read my posting thanks.

Change in the world and not knowing what tomorrow brings. Most of you know I post during work and for the most part it's the only time I have. I go to school and am Married with a 2 year old running around the house. I also have a full time job.. (when I'm not posting here) This job is the Air Force (Edwards California) and as with anything in the military it will all soon come to an end. No matter what you do or where you go in the military it can change in an instant. I say this because my current position goes away on Monday. This position required me to be on call 24/7 and deploy people to war zones all across the world, it was a very intensive job when things got kicking. The new squadron I'm moving to already has 3 in my position so the likely hood of me staying here for much longer is very unlikely. I'm also expecting orders with in the next few months to be moving hopefully back to Europe. There is very high likely hood I'll be back in my old job fixing up Ejection systems (which is great) but it's very time intensive. I won't have the ability to post here as often or if at all and as much as I love to blog here, when I'm home I wouldn't have the time to articulate a good post. Though the biggest excuse is my Family/God comes first and EQ2 playtime comes second there will be if at all very little time to post here.

I'll be posting until I change positions but if you don't find me posting here I'll still be around. I'll still surf Aggroforums and EQ2-daily, so you'll not get rid of me that easily.

Oh! Grouchy Gnome is Blackguard tada....


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