Thursday, April 13, 2006

EQ2 features

EQ2 suggestion time, yes every week er so you know I'll have em. I always love new and different and, I do so love to make things better. Though to be selfish and masochistic I think mine are just better off left here in blogy world most the time.

First off I though of a great idea for the tabbing chat system. Depending on how you use the tabed chat system this may or may not apply to you. It would work like this. Suppose you have 2 tabs one with your Main chat (guild chat, tells and Group chat) the other is just Combat related. Now suppose your watching your battle spam go by like me and don't hear the tell sound of someone talking to you. The Main chat will start to flash, meaning someone sent you a tell, or the guild is speaking maybe even your group. It doesn't just flash on any chat though. You can have a selection in the tab options to only have notification if (tell,group,guild) by your own choice. Say your not in the mood of guild chat blinking your tab, you can make the option to shut off guild chat. This should work with any option on any tab depending on what you wish to see or have activate tab flash. It would be nice when I'm not watching the battle spam; I want to see a Critical in Battle it flashes the Combat tab. Of course this should all be optional and there should be a way to deactivate this feature. I think it would be great for those who find it a pain to switch tabs.

It would be a bonus if there was an another option that automatically switched between tabs depending on what you wish to see. If your in Combat at the Combat tab and the group says something it automatically switches over to Main chat tab. Same goes for Combat if your in Main chat and battle starts your hits could trigger it to go over to Combat tab.

Another PVP feature that would be nice. A option added so that we were able to inspect anybody and see their /PVP_stats. It would pop up another window like inspect and see who their last 10 kills and deaths by name. Their overall total kills, Deaths, and their kill or death streak (that doesn't reset). I don't like the fact no one will ever truly know my best was 52 kills before a death. Better then having to go to Players Online to find out this info anyhow. Though I have to say I'm glad /pvp show us our own stats.

AAXP: It would be nice if a window tab under persona would be dedicated for what you did for the AAXP. Such as the named Mobs you killed for AAXP and all the Points of interest. Quests already have a journal of completed so they don't need it. Though, it would be nice if the quest book had a check mark next to the quest that gave AAXP. I know I would rather see a window then the abbreviated stats you get hovering over the AAXP bar.
Quick note* They should make all non-repeatable quest regardless of their con give AAXP. I know it maybe un-intended but it's not like we can't mentor to get the AAXP anyhow. Maybe they make it so it's at a % less then what it would be if it were a higher con, either way they should all give AAXP like collections do; even green named give AAXP.

If you like the real deal I'm sure you may have already seen it, LU 22 has come. Nothing to complain about here and that is great. I'm glad Mentoring is at least back even though it will probly not be used much we have the option. I'm curious as to the effect of reducing Cuss debuff on Divine will have Oh well I get an upgrade soon. It also looks like you can get drunk in game? Wailing Caves 14 here I come woohoo. Though, the number 1 thing I am looking forward to Dungeon crawling in Permafrost for a reason other then Prismatic. This is an A on my Live update rating scale.


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