Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Alt experience #2

Yesterday I went over what I felt was the Best AAXP for my Guardian. I wanted to touch on the fact that this in no way means I'm correct and there is no correlations to either being a Raid tank or a XP group tank. The same goes for the Brigand (Rogue) tree of AAXP. I choose what I think is best for the way I play the class. Likewise for anyone else curious as to which line of AAXP they wish to go for. It should be a decision based on what happens day to day in the life of your class and not because someone has this Pwnage idea that the line they choose is the best and only way.

The Rogue tree is the best set of AAXP in the game that I've seen thus far. There are a many possibilities that will make you a great Brigand or (Swashbuckler) but it's all dependent on how you; Yes, once again "play your class". Every one of the end line abilities are worth having but only 2 are obtainable at any one time so, like I said before there is a need to choose wisely.

First, the one all rogues get is a nice little ability, it's Pick Pockets. This ability has the probability to thief coin from humanoid NPC's and can also be used out of combat. There is a chance that you will taunt the NPC either in or out of battle if you get caught. If your like me it's a good thing, because in PVP I'm some how always Main tank (might be because there is a lack in Fighters). Some of you out there might think that scouts don't tank, I have something to tell you. Your wrong about that when it comes to Rogues, we can tank well if equipped correctly and have some decent Combat abilities and corresponding Alternate abilities. This leads me to Mercenary's Stamina line of AAXP and why I chose to do this line first. Swear, it's the very reason this line was the first on my list to have, it's nothing worse then being told to tank or having to back-up tank and not being able to control the battle. I know some people are thinking but, your still not a tank. I can say to you I've compared myself to many other fighters and I have ruffly the same mitigation and usually more avoidance of those around my level. Yes, if the fighter is well equipped and has a decent tower shield they have better block ratio's and can take damage better. This is PVP we are talking about here. So once I finish off the Mercenary line of AAXP I'll have decent defense and hate abilities so that I can tank as well if not better then your average tank.

The second line of abilities I looked over was Pirate's Agility line, it was at first going to be the main structure in which I was going to build my character. Though I later found out that no matter how nice Walk the Plank is I haven't had to many troubles in PC fights getting in backstabs. Sailwind has great possibilities though in PVP usually if my CA are all down and I'm waiting it's usually not to much longer that them or me is dead. Yes there are a few other abilities as a Pirate that I would love to have and could help greatly in PVP but if you haven't noticed I'm going Tank. Though this is still a possibility even in a PVP environment.

Blackguard's Strength and Thief's Intelligence are the main secondary lines I'm looking into and think they both have their ups and downs. The Str line ups my Defense while the Int line makes it so that I'm more roguish when it's needed. The added Feign ability of the Intelligence line is a hard ability not to want to have, though I'm still unsure as to what is the best way to go. If I was in a PVE environment the Intelligence line is probably one of the best you could have. Getting hate is very easy and with Evasiveness ability I could go all out w/ a lot less recourse for hate. Though, in PVP that's not really an option when the other side sees you as KOS; your on the top of their hate list if seen. If your in a fight where your priest or mage is the top vs another PC, Swear/cuss/upbraid (Taunt abilities) are all very nice Combat abilities to help make you top on that list anyhow. The main reason I want Strength line is I can utterly make someone's recast time that much more slower... Something to think about

As far as Fencer's Wisdom to me it's more of a Roleplay line. Some one has to really be into Fencing in order to want this line. As you can see this is my opinion though, the Fencer's line is not with out merit there are some nice abilities. However, I like defense and will skip this line all together.

These are all brief and to the point and should be taken as such. I will continues to choose my AAXP based on what I feel is best for me at the time. If you missed the above link, this has all the info based on the Rogue line I've been writing about.

Suggestion time** If you noticed I accentuated the Archetype names for each of the lines and in doing so hoped to get it across that I really like the names used for each line. Such as it's nice to be a Dragoon/Gladiator/Guardian likewise you could be a Executioner/Berserker and my favorite in name alone is Pirate/Thief/Brigand, although I will most likely be a Mercenary/Blackguard/Brigand. What I would like to see is the ability that once you get the bottom Alternate Ability line finished, a Archetype name system being used.

Here is a few suggestions at making the Archetype naming system work. Let them become Prefix names, displayed as such.
Destroyer Falik Splitshade

My other suggestion is to have it used in the search engine for classes. When you do a /Who all Brigand the list could show.

Name level location Class/Archetype
Falik 37 anywhere Brigand / Mercenary
Joesmoe 2 newb Brigand
Uberall 70 nothere Brigand / Pirate / Thief

It doesn't even have to show both Archetypes it could just show the one you wish it to display. Just like where you could select your prefix name that could be the Archetype that shows under the search function. This could server as a purpose tag for those that might be looking for a tank and know Brigand/Mercenarys can do a decent job as well. There are other reasonings with other classes but this is one I know well. Just something for thought, until then I hope everyone enjoys the journey to Pwnage.


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