Monday, April 17, 2006

Alt experience #1

Recently I've been focused on my AAXP with both my Guardian and my Brigand. I think I've focused more on getting my quests done so that I can get my next AA point then actually gaining another level. There are so many sweet things about this addition with the Kingdom of Sky expantion, it's the main reason I purchased KOS. Don't get me wrong, I love the new armor models and as much as I complained in the past you'd figure I would of bloged it already. There are so many different options for each character to go the way they want to with AAXP and Armor it makes this well worth the money. It's all about preference; I think some are all about the Raid point of view while others maybe about RP or grouping point of view it's nice we all get a choice how our charcter is truely built.

If you noticed your class AAXP you will see some things are so sweet your gonna focus on it and some others are just blah. Though, I've seen just about every AAXP and believe they all have there merits, some more for roleplaying aspect and other's have great functionality. I play two charcters at the moment so today I'll give a overview of my Guaridan(pve) choices and tommrow will be about Brigands(pvp).

Guardians: I've had a misconception about this class since the Combat revamp and up until the past month didn't know what they were about anymore. The Warrior line of AAXP has been the hardest to chose from thus far because I love just about every end line ability.

The hardest part was for me to choose from STA or AGI line which I singled out to be my favorites. The STA line requires a buckler which for me isn't a big deal Mitigation wise because you get great avoidance and other ability's that still keep you in line with being a decent warrior once the line is all filled out. The biggest trouble I had was the fact that there is not a single buckler version other then the SBS that I like. Bucklers also have a fault in the fact that they all look the same when they are player made from tier 4 to top tier (baring tier 7) because truthfully I don't know what that looks like. The only other buckler I like is the one that is clerics only, it's metallic looking and overall has a cool feel to owning. I will have to wait till my vanity is fufilled before I think about going Gladiator. The reason STR wasn't a choice in regards to my Guardian on the first line of AAXP is because I feel Beserkers are the AXE class. That doesn't mean I wont do STR it just that I just feel AGI is better suited for my character.

So if you didn't guess I went AGI line to become a Dragoon. I finally attained the first Dragoon ability "Dragoon Spin" which is a decent AOE, 1 second cast and 1 min recast, the recast is a little bit long for me but I'll deal. The coolest part is one must have a Spear equipped, this has a great defining quality to it and there is some Roleplayablity to it also. Even though I have other AOE's that look like all the spin hit AOE's, I was glad to actually have another ability to give a little more surrounding hate. (damn warlock dps) The only thing missing from the AGI line is the ability to kill Dragons better; we can't have everything I suppose. Yes, I know I'm not really a full flegged Dragoon but I still felt more like a Dragoon the moment I equipt my first pike, even more so the minute I gained the AOE. Now I never owned a Spear for my Guardian so it was kinda cool, I am or rather was a Sword and Board warrior. I really can't wait to make more upgrades to my Dragoon line and for me this is what will set my Guardian apart from others this is a nice touch indeed.

I looked at STR and WIS lines as my secondary focus and will look deeper into those when I become a full fleged Dragoon though the Wisdom line is a real possibility. The intelligence line had nothing of major importance to myself but was still a decent line to have. Have to be careful because we can only have up to 50 points at the moment.

I'll be working on the EQ2daily-wiki Alternate Exp. in the near future so keep an eye out for the Warrior line. Yes it's an empty template for now but I'll populate it soon enough.

More on Brigand AAXP tomorrow*


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