Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm sure you've ran into them from time to time, these little douche bags from hell seem to be all over Norath lately. As you can tell Cheaters get under my skin and a lot of it has to do with the fact they are to cheap to actually earn anything. I've been known to use the all coveted Konami "up down up down left right BA (select) start". I've even went to buy the first person Duke Nukem walk thru just to find out all the secrets (after I beat the game in a legit manner) and I also owned a Game Genie. Yes, not unlike most humans I do like to make life a little bit easier but I tend to wait and when it was playground brag I would defiantly wait to beat a game before I cheat. However, In a MMO cheating for me has never been an option. Yes, I've had super run speeds in EQ1 that happened when I updated my computer and I know it's happened in EQ2. The above picture was taken by me when my computer went Haywire with speed rushing me around everywhere; the fix was to update my Video driver. I just don't feel the need to cheat.

The first time I ran up on a cheater was this playground bragger his name, Jimmy Boyde. You see I never forget a name of someone who cheats to win. Bayou Billy was a brand new Nintendo game and most like me who just started playing the game found it fascinating. The game incorporated sidescroller action, shooting action, and driving action. It was and still is to me one of the most difficult games to play from start to finish. Well it took me about 2 weeks to learn how to play, the first week I was only allowed to watch and read the manual. The second week I was in the final few boards of the game and didn't know until I won. Well actually my dad won but it was on each others back we got there. I then continued to play until I could beat the game quickly. (I was fairly good at games so my Dad made me lag about a week after he bought games so the rest of the family wasn't left in the dust) I got to the point where I could beat BB in about 2 hours with breaks and about 1 hour if I went strait thru, I was a Bayou master.

OK, onto the story of Jimmy the cheater. I told him of my accomplishments and he bet me he could beat me to the end of the game. The bet was 100$, I was about 11 so it was major money then. He was from a rich family and always had cash he would flash in school all the time to be cool, anyhow. We went to his house where he had an extensive system setup with what I would say was the full Nintendo collection at that time (to include the robot and the power glove). Needless to say he was able to brag a lot mistakenly, he though he was the best player at any game at anytime. Well we were off and running on two different TV's and I was in front for a bit up until the racing boards which if memory servers me well it was 4th and 5th boards. You see I wasn't able to watch him while racing thru the roads because you needed full concentration to dodge everything on the roads. Ok, sorry! Long story short there was a cheat that allows you to skip a few boards and he used them. Antonio a friend watching us said Jimmy was cheating. Arguing later after he beat me that it wasn't said we couldn't cheat. Needless to say no money was exchanged. He then challenged me to races on bike and on foot and to a game of Mike Tyson’s punch-out to win my 100$. I won all those even still he wouldn't part with his cash (did I mention he tried to cheat at everything). Yes, he wouldn't rightfully part with his cash because he felt he won at Bayou Billy and that I owed him. So I kicked his ass on his front yard while being chased away by his dad.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that while I'm on PVP server here busting my chops gaining in-game money and item by real means. There are cheaters running rampant, it's as if every other person I come up against is a warping, RMT cheating fool. I know both sides do it I've seen my side do it just as much as Q's, it's like an OK practice for all to do it. I usually don't Scream Cheater because after a while it just starts to become irritating and some may perceive it as "crying wolf" also even if you think someone is cheating doesn't always make it true. I just feel a little bit miffed that I have no power's to stop them while not becoming a Megalomaniac. I despise GOD mode in MMO's even if it’s unintended it seems as if it’s trendy to find these exploits and use them I certainly wish the dev’s could fix em all but sadly I know it’s difficult to impossible.

A few days back I ran into not 1 but 4 cheaters in one day and it seems that I am running into more and more each day. One was a de-buff hacker of sorts, he didn't warp but he wasn't snared for any period of time even when my snare landed and stuck on him. On 5 separate fights this same person he would continue to come at me I would double snare him; now on most PC's they would be walking for at least a few seconds. Nope he was running as super speeds and I couldn't catch him even with sprint on. First time I figured I maybe just perceived it wrong but after the other 4 fights I would beat him down he would run I would snare, see it land watch it on my de-buff window and see him out run me. I gave up on him because all he wanted was to see if he could beat me and there was no way by solo means I could take down this cheater. Then I ran into a few warpers in Commonlands. I commence to attack one Q and as soon as he was un-stunned you could see him and his partner skip across the CL as if they were bending space; this I see very often. The last one I found in Fallen Gate which you could tell was deliberately cheating. He was there attacking a named, he jumped the named as soon as he did we came around the corner and attacked him. He was warping around the room until he killed the name then warped away from us through Fallen gate; there was no way to attack him and when we did catch up it kept saying he was to far away.

You see cheaters are the lowest forms of shit on earth if you ask me. It doesn't matter if it's a Video game, sport, or gambling if you cheat someone out wrongfully, you’re a piece of shit. That isn't to say you can't cheat in 1st person games while you masturbate with your PS2 controller just keep it on consoles or 1 player games. It's just shity that cheaters seem to be getting away with a lot on Nagafen and very little crackdown. If there is a crackdown it's not loud enough to make a dent in the economy spiraling out of control or cheaters from warping. Yeah that Economy part, this comes from me inspecting a level 45 Assassin with some very serious gear not just a little bit of Legendary but a lot of Fabled. I figured I would go check out his online players stuff. Sure enough he has only had the account for a few weeks, he's bragged about how Uber he's become in a few weeks as well. Uber as in he has some high friend to help him out w/ major cash? Or did he buy it on RMT sights? Now I know for a person that is a veteran to EQ2 he could probly pull out the level 45 and some decent gear in a few weeks of strait playing and then some. It's just a lot of these very weird situations popping up on PVP servers that just seem far fetched to be truthfull with out cheating.

The only way I and a lot of others would feel much better is if we get to see blood. If someone is caught cheating and is banned from the game his account names of all his alts are to be blasted on a cheater forum and for what reason. This is good for deterrence and also to see that SOE does catch and ban cheater. I know this battle can't be won but even a little victory here and there over cheater assures the player base that Cheater's get caught and lose. It would also be great if they feed them to dragons like [Gm]Dave does and post up pictures. AND WE LAUGHED!


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