Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm back

Well as you all know I’ve been away for a month and in being gone have dealt with the whole ordeal. It’s been one cluster after another, shit I should be in the circus with the way I’ve juggled everyday life. It’s taken me a while to get back to my blog since I’ve been back due to the fact it’s also taken me a bit to get back into life here in Cali; it’s all been so Surreal. Anyhow after I got back into life and into EQ2 my computers motherboard stopped working so I spent another few days going thru my Dino parts and finally Frankensteing a old computer I got it all to work, Oi! What a hassle and downgrade it was too. YAY for my 1666AMD 1gig SDram!!

So there I was the past few days playing my Shaman and figured I would get to my 60’s, how wrong I was. Not only do I like the fact I’m busy as a Healer it’s a must, if I’m not working as a healer then you’re not doing your job as a tank buddy. That’s my motto and I’ve always stuck with it if I’m becoming lazy I usually leave the group. Sadly, as I seem to level up the easier my job becomes and that’s not good. I have to go out of my level range just to get a challenge even then it’s hard to find something worth its weight in fun. I’ve found myself more bored in the back not healing or doing anything to the point of falling asleep at one point. Not quite sure what it is but unless I get a wreak-less tank that is great at taunting but has no self regard to the groups order my job is not fun.

So to stress my ability I went to Halls of fate and everyone was 70 but me, hell I know what I’m doing. From a Shaman standpoint a ward is a ward weather it be 2010 points or 2200 it still works just as well so levels don’t mean much to me. We did ok but like usual I had to get a tank that doesn’t know how to taunt on the pull-in so I found myself dead enough to the point I had to use my second set of gear. Normally this wouldn’t be to bad but what was even worse the 70 Templar seem to never be doing her job until it was way to late. Now I’m good and love a fight but I’m not good enough to keep everyone alive myself and then some when we get a few bad pulls. Though like I said I usually died on pulls anyhow because the Guardian just seemed to think it was ok to DPS when she was MT so we had to scrap HOF after about an hour.

My main point might have been missed as I’m just tired and feel in a pissy mode since my Shaman seems to have fallen from great fun to boredom. I’m trying to find a place or an equilibrium of challenge where I can do my job well but I get a job to do. Oh well I do always have my Brigand to fall back on. Though the problems with playing my Brigand at the present are my computer and the massive lag I get now with the downgrade of power. I just don’t feel the ability to go out and solo on PVP when I know I could lag out and die to a weakling greenie. Forgive me I’ll post more interesting stuff in the future I promise.

For those of you that sent your condolences it’s very much welcomed and appreciated, sadly with life there is death. May God watch over all of your loved one’s and May you never have to experience a loss in the way our family did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back Quey, and my sympathy on your loss.

Turning to the more trivial aspect of your post - I found HoF to be pretty challenging as a lvl 67-69 Defiler. I tended to avoid pre-warding in there regardless of the tank's skills because I copped so much aggro when I pre-warded. As a Defiler, I also cast a lot of debuffs while in there. And if you have an assassin, necro, warlock, shadowknight or dirge with you, the debuffs that go with the DoT spells make a real difference too.
I really like HoF as a zone - but it's like a lot of group stuff: either you feel that you are making no worthwhile contribution at all, or you feel the zone is completely beyond the group you've got!

Anyways, welcome back :)

2:49 AM  
Blogger Quylein said...

aye I will have to agree with you. I will go back when I gain a few level's and try it out.

On another note i've been getting in some sweet groups that keep getting down to Gorg's pit of SOS and it's been rocking there.

7:18 AM  
Blogger E. Swartz said...

Woot! He's baaaack!

8:48 AM  

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