Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DING 62 - Other stuff for you

I usally stray from posting Ding blogs because they usally don't mean much to me. However, today I got my first class hat for Mystic and it rocks. I have to say for a Froglok it's one of the coolest hats in the game. I don't much like the same hat on humaniods but overall it's sweet in stats and looks. Take that Swashbuckler...I also finally got tons of Wisdom and FT4 item Rock On!! This was a huge gain for me probly one of the best upgrade level ever.

While I was gaining 62 I've noticed that Scaleborn is one of the coolest dungeons in Eq2 since well... EQ1 dungeons. For me I love the openess the fact it's not instanced at least not untill there are tons of people and the hardness factor. The big kudos I would like to give KOS expantion overall is the fact they kept the whole expantion instanced minimum. Unlike DOF where it seemed every group I went to was a insta-freaksater. I enjoy instances once in a while but I truely enjoy open dungeons more.

The only drawl back is the fools in these places like SOS. Sometimes like KC (Karnors Castle) people have no reguards to others camped named rooms and train in the worste places leaving you busting yourself out or dead. Look I don't mind an accedent but it seem that alot of time's I'll be with my group camping a room and some other group runs in there. So while we are taking down another Mob the named pops and they KS it.

I know there isn't any other rule then play nice but shit... If you need the named in that room for a quest just ask the group in there if A. you can have it or B. wait your turn. It's all fun and games but if this shit happens on PVP by my team.... I'll be having some BT187's come over and PK some of the FPer fools that decide to step on my groups toes.

As far as training goes, well it's a weird thing, I love em and hate them. I don't mind it once in a while but what I don't like is some other group that seems to not like my group's presence so they run over with their monk and group FD right on top of us as if my Wife(Monk) can't do the same thing. Look if your trying to get deeper and you want to FD some shit don't do it next to another group ever, it looks bad and pisses others off.

SOE good job at bringing back Trains and open dungeons, tis a glorious day for a Train run no? I have to say I'm loving it anything else would be a lie


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