Friday, June 09, 2006

Vanguards check mate

With so much going on lately I don't know whether I'm coming or going so you will have to forgive me for being brief. Which in normal terms my 10 paragraphs will become 2, it should do in the times to come. Life has taken hold as I knew the closer to June this year would, assignments are coming out and I should be expecting one here shortly. My job here is officially done on the 16th and with out a job to do I'll be jobless, meaning I sit around all day twiddling my thumb's while trying to get around blocked web sights while still getting paid. Kind of like what I do now only I really don't have to answer to anyone until I get my orders to leave, Oh how 10 years seems so far away. Ok, I know you may not care too much about what's going on. I would like to be more precise as to my last post and why the bloging will come to a slow down and its eventual halt for a time.

Sorry if you thought this post was to be juicy sadly I've had too much on my plate to figure out a subject that has more appropriate for my normal bloging self. Even with the unavoidable Adventure pack and future Expansion of Norath there's not anything I would be able to say here with out rebloging what most already know. Though I have something I would like to express short and to the point.

Vanguard: SOH is moving to SOE as their (what I like to call "Share holder"). I wanted to say what a great move for people like me. Now I can play Vanguard with out having to worry about paying 2 bills, because as we all know I'll be playing Vanguard one way or another. I like this move also for the simple fact I don't like Microsoft, yes I use Windows XP but that's about the on MS thing in this world I'd pay for. I think Brad was smart in his move to buy out Vanguard from MS and keep it as Sigil only to have SOE to help out with billing. It reminded me of one of his posts about the whole Vanguard game I can't look it up but I remember McQuaid stating roughly Vanguard is Sigils and MS isn't going to bring discredit to it.

Now some may say moving to SOE is discredit but I think SOE nay Sayers are the same fools that would discredit Moses parting the red seas even if they walked thru the parted waters the night before. These are the same people that would wake up the next day and call it nothing more then a parlor trick or a dream. I give SOE more credit then a 13 blaberteen that was pissed off his mom stopping his EQ addiction for schoolwork and blamed SOE for his pain. I guess I really equate it to those fools that call [GM] Dave over stupid arguments only to be thrown to the Dragon and then go onto the board and say SOE sucks... (yes I know it's a SquarEnix game) sadly I'm sure there are SOE Gm's that could attest to (wanting) to throw the Dragon ban on some of their /petitions though I'm pretty sure [GM] Dave wouldn't last to long as customer service in SOE world. I'm glad Brad's baby is still his baby, now I truly hope another Verant doesn't happen. Some of us need "Hardcore" game play and Vanguard should be the cure for some time to come.


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