Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Save the Intrazn3t

Now I said I wouldn't go political on this blog because I have my opions and I got a few nasty emails when I did about how they are right and I'm a retard. I really don't care if I think I'm right or not I have my feelings of things and if I'm to be proven wrong over the course of my life I'll live with it, I never mind being wrong.

Tell me if I'm wrong here though? This Bill the Gov is trying to pass for a 2 teir internet wont benifit but 2% of all of Americans and yet our corupt system feels the need to vote on it. Go save the internet and get a free song. Read up about it and maybe it will enlighten you to the bigger issues. First the internet, then what comptuers we are alowed to use, and what sights were alowed to see... God save us all and God save the last free interprise for the little man.


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