Friday, July 14, 2006

In game spam

There's something starting to pick up on both of my servers Befallen and Nagafen.... Spam /tell Gold Whores.

Both my Wife and I have been receiving tells such as "hey want 10 gold?" I'm almost level 70 WTF do I want 10 gold for? However, my reply is nah I'm not in need of 10 gold...Their reply is "Go to www.Suckdickforgold!.com" (I did make that URL up if it exists then...) To add insult to injury I get in game mails of going to a web sight to buy more gold... Now I know SOE cant stop all the leaky punks that spew shit like this into the game but there should be a report button just for this in the mail system. EQlive has a report bad mail button, it should work the same in EQ2 as well.

As far as the tells both my wife and I have petitioned a few different gold whores and get the same response. We will deal with it but we can't tell you how we dealt with it, have a nice day.... Excuse me? Every exploiter game breaking fool should be Exploited and hung up to dry on SOE forums. It should show which accounts and what names were on that account that were banned and why. SOE earned the box money from them so great, they will just go out and buy another box version and do it again. The only real satisfaction we all can get when Cheaters go down is whoring them back on SOE boards.

Some may say it's unprofessional, I say it's unprofessional not to. These guys read the rules play the game and know right from wrong then they come over spam me, cheat the game, and all I get is a thanks for reporting.... Have a nice day. I'm sure there are other ways of dealing with this but it's starting to run the gambit of 2 or 3 tells a week and 2 in game mails thus far 4 on the wives... Seriously, it's BS.

I'm not really upset with SOE but as Gold Whores go they piss me off to no end. Go peddle your B.S. in WoW, we don't want your shit here.


Blogger Jack said...

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