Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LU24 and chum

I’ve tried from time to time to get time to post this post this time… muhahaha

Well the past few weeks I’ve been split from moving work to playing both my Mystic and Brigand. It is no easy task, battling the ever present Q’s on Nagafen to getting my Hoo’loh done with my Mystic then finding time to post. I can say I was the first to get the Mystic Hoo’loh for a Froglok and it looks pretty damn neat if you ask me… It almost makes me look like a hunchback Gnoll. I’ve also been contending from the new rush for power TSers because of the dumb down of the tedium and worth vs the effort.

Ok first I love the LU 24 it’s been neat to get tons more while harvesting and getting rares as if they well… there not rare anymore, unless it’s loam. I do enjoy trade skill a bit more but I still feel the effort of it is not as well suited as it was before. With all the undercutting I hope they bring the TS questing back because I can get more back from the Merchants then on the “Borker”. Gratis’ has it that LU25 will make my class wanted for a short time so that those of us who wish to by-pass the Borker will be able to. Supplanting items for carpenters to create so that you can sell out of from your own room, this is a bonus for me. Ok LU24 also placed the ever needed Exiles but I’ve yet to see the mass uprising everyone was talking about when this faction was to take place. I believe people will have to be organized and big enough to sustain it self if they do decide to become a “newt” (an old Sullen zek term). I’m quite happy that the betrayal is in though, so I’ll have to go and try it out on a newb of mine before I subject my lowbie on Nagafen to the pain of PVP betrayal.

Onto the more Brigand specific change that I find sweet for PVP, our Blackjack line of spells turned from a high damage stun to a root with lower damage. It’s great for those of us who need to get in a few backstabs in PVP. There is that old dbl rule where if you stun, root, mez… ect for 2 seconds they are immune for 4 seconds. PVP is where this root makes me that much more powerful in which I didn’t have before. It’s another ability in which I can continue my Backstabs on the Q’s who wish to uproot the will of the overlord. I’m now able to stun root snare damage and stun again…. It’s pure evil.

I’m hoping to be able to bring better news and reports in the future for our Dear EQ2 though sadly I’ve been out and about to much to get down to the nitty gritty.


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