Monday, September 25, 2006

I lied

Well as most of everyone has seen I've not been around here for well over a month. Not that I didn't actually try to post here and there, the posts I've written up have gotten ate a few times and it in turn pissed me off. So I'm h ere back and hopefully willing to give at least a weekly review of this thing or that.

Now here in the last few weeks well rather less then a week apart both my Brigand and Mystic dinged for 70. I was excited about both but then it hit me, what next? Well my Mystic is reserved for my wife's wills and wants, I'm her slave that way. The Brigand has moved on to gain faction in PVP and questing even if it's greened out, because well I still get the aaxp from finishing them now.

A few of the recent changes I've seen have been great. The frekers from the newb island no longer can send me spam tells about buying gold. Although, I was tricked into a newb group by not paying attention and then he advertised in the group. The opening of yet another installment of Nektulos Castle in a higher level format of the 70's and the live updates of the returning of the Gods, the house items are very nice for both Q's and FP. Well here's to better posts and times in the future.


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