Friday, October 20, 2006

EQ2 /petition sucks

/Petition has to be one of the best implements into a good gaming environment. I've used this from EQ1 days all the way up until recently. If you have noticed it now takes you to an ever expansive web page that is in all seriousness is worthless. In a way its more of a /help then any real get of your ass with customer service help. I understand GM's can be busy, maybe less so if the money was spent on what GM's should be doing. However, that's another post all together.

I've used /petition in EQ2 and to my surprise in the past it has worked. Example: At the start of my EQ2 gaming career I was working on the Ghoulbane quest and just received the Busted up one.( still better then the 1h I had at the time) I was playing around all day and then gave my wife the controls, she went to a vendor and accidentally sold it. Don't ask me how all I know is she ran away and Hid because she knew I wouldn't be to happy. I was, but hey before I blew up I /petitioned and it worked. In about 1hour or less a GM came back told me to give him the cash I paid and he will summon a new one in my inventory, guess what it worked. Lovely they did more then I really expected them to and to this day I figured Support can't be that bad.

Next... Dumbgoldbot tells you " come to and you will get good customer support blah blah blah" Now I'm grateful that SOE helped stem this from the island newbie zone sellers sadly, I still get tells. Ok.... Let me just /petition.... wtf? Where's the box Oh what's this? Go to the websight or get help later? WTF I'm in the middle of my game I really don't want to minimize my game to /petition on Gold bots.... I hate Gold sellers but I hate what SOE did more.
Really what was so wrong about the old /petition system? The new one is ever expansive and can be updated easier yeah. Though, we customers don't care how easy it is for you.... SOE do you want customers to have good customer service and valuable gaming experience? Or do you want it to be self policed? If so let me just target a gold bot... Type a /PVP command it flags them for Gold bot, GM's come in and sees if the command is valid and TaDa!.... The Gold bot can't zone or evac or use anything but sitting there and die by my blade. Then the GM ban's him! That the best overall customer service the average player would be happy with.

Back on topic ~ Soe change the /petition back to an in-game menu or your service system will see no reaping rewards. Seriously and to everyone that reads this leave a message if you agree..


Blogger Magson said...

I absolutely agree. I did a /petition on 1 gold bot a week or so ago and it took me out like you mention.

I've received 2 other tells from goldbots since then. I've not bothered to report them.

Today in RoV there was a group of 4 players with names like hjkl and mnop running around farming named for masters. 1 tank and 3 others on AF to the tank. They were on at 3 am. And they were still on at 6 pm. Running the same circuit looking for the same named each time.

I didn't bother to report them either.

Why not? Becuz I now have to leave the game to do it. My PC's a decent rig, but minimizing out of EQ2 (especially if I've been playing for a while) can take up to a full minute of system process time as it unloads the game, reloads the ssytem process, etc. Usually it's not nearly that long, but I have seen it take that long at times. Why would I interupt myself for that long? Or worse, why would I interupt a group for that long?

Yah I read their fancy announcement about how great this new system is *for them.* But if it's not great for me, I ain't using it. Before on the in-game one I could have a goldbot or farm group reported in about 20 seconds once I "learned the system." Now it will take me longer than that just to get to the website.

Not happening. Buh bye /petition, and welcome a new flood of goldbots.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Quylein said...

I really don't think SOE care's to ban or deal with bots. I know there is a ton of bots on Nagafen that sit in Clefts and POF as well as Everfrost near the back instnace where the named Broadmother spawns. If they cared they would go there weekly and ban them. They arn't stupid and with them wanting cash they alow it to happen.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Dangerous said...

From SoE point of view I imagine that this will reduce the number of petitions thay they receive, as switching to a browser midgame is a sufficient hurdle that it will likely discourage petitions.
This is a good thing only if you are focused on short term costs; the increase in disgruntled customers is likely to be more expensive in the medium to long term.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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