Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Norath Avatars and you

Well it's been a few weeks and I've been having a blast. Learning the new abilities, playing with new handy caps, and kicken tail in Quest world I've had little time to blog. That and the fact I'm finishing up school and getting ready to move across the U.S. doesn't help either.

The only real complaint or rather upset I have is with tier 5 and 6 transmuting fodder "nightmare" and some of the Avatars or lack of any reasoning to have a "God" in this world of Norath. First off a few of the quests for the Avatars aren't solo which is fine but there is no reason they all shouldn't of been either solo or heroic. Both Brell and Solsek seem to be the hardest in the game and it's a little off key when the Rollos and Tunare were a joke in comparison. The abilities you gain for having Avatars in PVP make it a bit unbalanced but I love it both when I have the upper hand and when they have the upper hand as well. I love the sence of not knowing if I'm gonna win or not, and this isn't just prone to pvp. In the PVE realm some of the changes while not perfect make some battles turn out way different then you would of suspected, even if you have killed MobX 100 times it can change in a heart beat. Anyhow, some argue that it's unfair and that PVP shouldn't be allowed to use Avatar abilities though I'm not sure why, yes it sucks to die and yes it takes little to no skill to win but it's once an hour.

Onto the real point at hand though, Avatar abilities are nice but this isn't what I really expected to get with the rise of their existence back into norath. Oh sorry I forgot about the cloaks... wooptie do! Yes the fact that the Dev team and EQ2 in general has started to separate and distinguish character classes from Class hat's to player only armor is nice. But where is the "I have this Avatar so therefore I can use this only item?" Cloaks are the biggest let down, why could anyone use a Brell cloak after they left him and went Quellious? I'm sorry a fix shouldn't just be in the works it should of never happened this way. I do hope in the future there is Avatar specific armors and charms which make it more a real choice of which Avatar to have.

If you haven't alread; go and buy Echoes of Faydwer even if your a newb, the whole new EQ2 experiance just got better as a whole. Those of you from EQ1 that either tried EQ2 at the start and fluffed it off or just didn't feel like it's Norath will be surprised at how much better and imersive it's just become. It would help if they would remove the bells and put boats in the harbors of Efp and Qharbor as well but it's a start. As far as the "nightmare" both T5 and T6 Infused Nightmare's have been broke for about a week now and I wish this shit would get fixed.


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