Friday, January 05, 2007

Bye bye Cali

Well, my EQ2 Account is closed for the moment and my life is a spin of busyness. I'm on the way of finishing up this term of Computer Languages and Server operator while getting things ready to move to La. I'm hoping once things slow down I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis but we shall see.
I just recently purchased the new Zelda for the Game Cube and it sucked me in, I always love a good Zelda and since the one that was released on the N64 was the last best one it's been a while. Even on the Game Cube the whole game looks beautiful and has a great control but we shall see how it stand the test of time though.
Before my account dropped I was getting a Guardian up in levels on the Good side of Nagafen in the Brownies for now. Almost hit 30 with damn near 20 aaxp so far this has been pretty fast. I figured I would pick something hard to pvp with and see the good and bad with a rare pvp class overall. I love rareness it's the reason I choose a brigand to start with. However, any that have been on pvp know it's the class every newb picks to pvp with as if it's an accomplishment to pvp with a easy class. I'm looking forward to continuing my assent to 70 as a Guardian as soon as I get settled in my new home in a few weeks.
Take care all and have a Happy new year.


Blogger Wearfannypacks said...

Good to see someone with the cahones to get out there and PvP with the tougher classes! Nice Job.

8:54 AM  

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