Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Into the new fold

OK where to start, I’m finally here and in my new place at good ole Barksdale Louisiana and it’s not to bad yet.. Well it is spring right now so I guess we will just wait and see? I’ve begun playing my Mystic (Chieftain) again. I realized while I was out having a good time PVPnig I forgot the real reason why I started this MMO, it was to play with the wife and enjoy my time with her. I’ve found other ways to subdue my PVP urge and it’s helped, I /duel and with my spec on AA I don’t to do to bad if I do say so myself.

Since I came back I’ve also gotten a great upgrade, I purchased a brand new computer which set me back about 1,500 Duckets. A Core 2 6400 O/C to 2.6, a nice 8800 GTS both from EVGA, I also got a lot of other gear and that includes Mushkin 2gig SLI memory, Antec 900 case with an extra 120mm fan, New SATA HDD 250 gig WD, and a SATA DVD drive, and wireless G network to boot. I’m still waiting on my CPU fan so that I can see if I can O/C to 3.2 GHz but that is for another day. I can pretty much max out everything on EQ2 to include shadows, yet sadly it seems shadows bleed after the memory leaks take hold and soon after they no longer turn on until reset. Above and below are some pictures from my recent adventures into Unrest and Catacombs. If you look at all my previous post pictures you can see that it was a lot more shabby then what you will see in the future. None of my pictures are tampered in anyway.

A few people asked me to update so here it is, and there shall be more to follow in the near future, like my thoughts on LOTR online to the way EQ2 has been on shaping up so stay tuned.
Such a beautiful Woushi isn't he?


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