Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Asudad.. Fun times

I had a friend recently tell me he was cut out of all my pictures in the previous post so in Honor of him here's his own pict.

Since I've been back I joined a new guild Revolution with Dina its actually a Small world huh? Revolution seems to be a nice guild and we've gotten to raid quite a few places that I enjoyed with my Brigand now I get to test me Healing prowess with my Mystic.

Just recently we Took down Barakah and Siyamak but even before we've taken down Vyemm and Tarnix, We even raided Courts and Gates for fun (Guild Xp) . Rocked Lyceum till the last named but I think that one was late is all. Downed Harla Dar and Gave a good shot at Gorenaire... Looks like we are a decent Up and coming Guild, and I'm sure there's more, Guuuud times ahead.


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